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October 28, 2005

Garbage removal

According to decision of Toronto City Concil

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October 02, 2005

Smart alec

All classes (including graduate ones) at University of Toronto start this year September 12. Or at least supposed too. However while undergraduate classes (and graduate classes cross-listed as undergraduate) are scheduled by administration, graduate classes are scheduled by the instructors - either well in advance or during the organizational meeting.

At some moment I discovered that the instructor of one of the classes scheduled it at the same time as my class and there are students affected by this conflict. I say: discovered because scheduling the course (which happened September 12 at least 3 weeks after timetable of my class was announced) instructor neglected to advise in timely manner to our graduate secretary. True, this class is offered at Fields institute but if this course is a credit course for our graduate studies, the standard procedure should be used (and by no means class should actually start with 2 weeks delay).

In the situation of the conflict the onus to avoid it is on the instructor who scheduled later but when I contacted this young fellow, he responded instantly that he cannot. Instant response means that he actually did not attempt to resolve this conflict.

In the end in order to avoid conflict I managed to reschedule my class (spending a lot of time for this).

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