March 24, 2009

Red Eye show on Fox

Two idiots made very disgusting jokes about Canadian military. We are rightfully outraged.

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Posted by Victor at 04:58 PM

March 22, 2009


In 1946 British sent Lord Haw Haw to gallows (should I say gallow-way?) , in 2005 they elected his modern day equivalent to Parliament. What next? KBE? House of Lords? 10 Dawning Street? O tempora o mores!

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November 14, 2008


Был наш Миллер полудурок,
Теперь полный идиот,
Свою многоподтиражку
Курам на смех издает!

If they have a Russian version of this newspaper, should I submit my poetry there ?

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Complimentary crap III

They did it again! They put Toronto Scar November 12, 2008!
Toronto Scar decided again to provide me with a complimentary copy.

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July 22, 2008

Good guys in Vancouver and Ben Gurion

In new Vancouver International Terminal (I am flying to Osaka) there is a free wireless internet and electrical sockets. Good guys!

In Ben Gurion (Israel) there is also free Internet but not power.

These two airports score the best in my roster!

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July 17, 2008


He should not be at Guantanamo Bay. He should face justice where he committed his crimes - in Afghanistan.

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If I was Kantar

I would be scared, really scared. Because if Nasrallah decides that Kantar became too popular, and gets too big portion of love and admiration (well, he deserves them, not everyone, not even Nasrallah managed to smash the scull of a child), a little kaboom would send too beloved Kantar to his 72 virgins (taking probably many of his relatives with them).

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Posted by Victor at 04:56 AM