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March 24, 2009

Red Eye show on Fox

Two idiots made very disgusting jokes about Canadian military. We are rightfully outraged.

But I think that Bill O'Reilly and other Fox hosts are outraged even more as these two idiots gave black eye to Fox News. I am afraid even to think what these big guys and gals are doing right now to these two poor bastards.

Posted by Victor at 04:58 PM

March 22, 2009


In 1946 British sent Lord Haw Haw to gallows (should I say gallow-way?) , in 2005 they elected his modern day equivalent to Parliament. What next? KBE? House of Lords? 10 Dawning Street? O tempora o mores!

BTW, the analogy between Mr Galloway and Mr Wilders is false: the former has socialized with the groups listed by Canadian Government as terrorist groups (and border officials here follow ths list, not one compiled by Mr Galloway, British Government or someone else) while the latter has no terrorist connection.

Freedom of speech: nobody denies Mr Galloway the right to say any crap he wants but he can do it from his office. Mr. Levant was denied the right to speak freely in his own country.

Posted by Victor at 11:49 AM