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November 14, 2008


Был наш Миллер полудурок,
Теперь полный идиот,
Свою многоподтиражку
Курам на смех издает!

If they have a Russian version of this newspaper, should I submit my poetry there ?

Posted by Victor at 02:53 PM

Complimentary crap III

They did it again! They put Toronto Scar November 12, 2008!
Toronto Scar decided again to provide me with a complimentary copy.

I weighted one day. Next day (November 13) I sent them 2 page fax (one page normal, another reverted colors) requesting to stop and reminding them about our last encounter

Complimentary crap II

It worked! No Scar today. Let's look few days more and send them "Thank you" fax!

Posted by Victor at 02:46 PM