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December 15, 2005

Global Worming

Global Worming is the threat to humanity.

That's right. Looking at the unusually cold December in Toronto, one can wonder how some "scientists" came to warning about global warming and politicians came to Kyoto accord. The only plausible explanation is that all these guys have worms (aka Goa'uld) in their heads.

Posted by Victor at 11:46 AM

December 09, 2005

Will computers replace mathematicians?

Few days ago one formal-proofs specialist claimed that in 20 years computers will replace mathematicians?

Well, I heard this 20 years ago... and 30 years ago too... and there was a similar talks about electro-mechanical calculators... and mechanical ones... and abacus...

But it is true that some fields of mathematics were replaced by computers. Probably it will happen with the theory of the formal proofs. So - no need to hire specialists in this field for tenured positions.

Posted by Victor at 04:48 AM

December 04, 2005

Economists from another planet?

Many (or some?) economists believe that cutting GST is a bad idea since GST stimulates saving versus spending. While it is true to the certain extend, spending stimulates economy; if nobody spends nobody will be paid. Also GST stimulates spending in other countries. So, an affluent person will be tempted to go for a trip to US, bring electronics for up to CAD 750 legal limit and spend a significant amount in the hotels and restaurants. So, to this extend GST also stimulates economy, but in USA.

So, the mantra "GST stimulates saving versus spending" is really applicable only in countries where travel abroad is not an option. Like North Korea... or on another planet?

Posted by Victor at 04:30 AM | Comments (1)