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September 28, 2007

School funding. II

Opponents accuse J.Tory in his intention to starve public school system. They (Liberals and NDP) promise to give much more money to public schools, and Liberals actually even mention math and science schools. Good guys?

Not so fast. The last thing mathematical education in Canada needs is more money given to schoolboards to hire new BE graduates - with marginal knowledge of math and poor problem skills - which would stick around and prolonging the misery for another 40-45 years. They and they older colleagues would occupy teaching positions in math schools if they are created. No, we need such schools affiliated with universities and having lecture and tutorial system like in universities. Then professors, grads and senior undergrads from universities would giving lectures and tutorials. This way worked famous Russian physics-mathematics schools.

Posted by Victor at 07:46 AM

School funding

Mr. Tory, PC leader (Ontario) promises to fund all faith schools as long as they follow the standard curriculum. Green Party and some organizations oppose to this and propose to eliminate funding of all faith schools, including Catholic ones.

Meanwhile Liberals and NDP want the current system to stay: Catholic schools get full funding, others get zilch. This is completely hypocritical and discriminatory position, especially from Mr McGuinty, who was educated in Catholic system, has his children educated and his spouse working in this system. If Right Dishonorable Mr. McGuilty does not understand that he has a conflict of interest and should keep his mouth shut, he does not deserve to lead anything, leave alone the largest Canadian province.

I strongly believe that all Ontario children should get equal funding, as long as they study in the curriculum compliant school. This would include all private schools as well. WTH province funds sport and arts schools but no science schools (tiny TOPs program is too small and AFAIK no one from admitted kids has shown excellence in math. competitions). So, while I consider Mr. Tory proposal a step in the right direction, it does not go far enough.

The previous PC government began to introduce tax credit for parents of kids enrolled in private schools. The had introduced the really small $500 credit but the petty Mr McGuilty cancelled it, and cancelled it retroactively, which shows how mean-spirited this person is. What would he say if the next government cancels the funding of Catholic schools, and does it retroactively, forcing him to repay the funding for his children education and his spouse to return her salary? He is not afraid, and rightly so, because no one but him is capable for such nasty things.

Posted by Victor at 06:50 AM