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October 23, 2007

Double windoloser

We see a Windo²loser²

Windo²: Behind a window, using a windoze junkputer

loser²: because he uses windoze, because he is a political loser

Posted by Victor at 08:32 AM

October 09, 2007

School funding. IV

One could argue that the public should pay only for non-religious portion of education leaving religious education funding to community, church or parents. But those who believe that non-religious part of education in faith-based (or private, or charter) schools should not be funded, are bigots.

Further, if the religious part of education is not funded, then such religions as Global Warming Theory should not be funded as well. Actually, this is not even a legitimate religion but malicious and harmful sect because the supporters of this theory demand to waste public money while supporters of say creationism do not harm anyone (creationism does not have practical implications).

Posted by Victor at 05:50 AM

October 07, 2007

School funding. III

Mr McGuinty justifies his opposition to public funding faith based schools by the fact that they are not inclusive and produce narrow minded people (aka bigots).

He is right: at least one of faith based school system (Catholic) produced at least one bigot (Mr McGuinty). But this system is publicly funded!

People who oppose public funding of all faith based schools are at least honest. But it is not the case with people who support public funding of just one faith based school system.

Posted by Victor at 09:22 PM

Message from my MacBookPro

Listen All, I'm glad to tell
That I'm feeling so well,
That I am not junk from Dell,
And my Owner and User,
Is not stupid Windoloser!

Posted by Victor at 08:13 AM

Internet Crimes

Some poor lady got fined over $200,000 US for sharing music over Internet. RIAA got her. I am not sure she did it (may be her Windoze PC got zombied). Anyway, whatever RIAA claims this is the victimless crime (unless one counts what profit they would get if everyone who downloaded this music bought it).

Let us talk about real Internet crimes. Everyday I am getting hundreds of "my" email messages bounced back; in almost the cases the original message is attached and in each and every such case I can trace that this original message was sent from Windows PC (and it is secure to assume that it was an infected zombie).

This is a crime with a lot of victims. First of all me: despite my powerful filters sending 95-99% of such emails to /dev/null, spam.gz gets around ten per day (none of them goes to mailbox). Looking through spam wastes my time. Sorting these messages out overloads mail system. Using low threshold for defining message a a spam endangers some legitimate albeit spam looking messages. Second, it is me again: my email address gets blacklisted at some servers. This is an identity theft.

Second, Department of Mathematics and University of Toronto: domain becomes suspect in sending spam and messages originated from math.toronto.edu, toronto.edu become suspect in being spam.

Finally, there are all recipients of these spam messages, whose filters did not sort it as a spam. Also those of them, who could get email from me (definitely negligible minority), or from math.toronto.edu, toronto.edu (less negligible minority) but whose mailserver rejected them.

And we are talking only about email spam (and there is bulletin board spam, blog spam, wiki spam, spoofing and fishing). It is difficult to get immediate perpetrators of these crimes (those who actually wrote those viruses and Trojans) unless justice is going after Windiots whose computers got infected.

But there is a common denominator of all these crimes: the accessory always is Windoze and almost always Outlook Express.

Posted by Victor at 07:46 AM

October 01, 2007

Blank cheque

Today I found in my mailbox the leaflet from the incumbent MPP from Willowdale riding Mr David Zimmer. "Are you going to write to John Tory the blank cheque for undisclosed amount to pay for faith based schools? I don't". Nice. We know the number of children enrolled in such schools and we know how much is given for 1 child. But Mr Zimmer is not going to give this cheque to pay for kids of our neighbors who BTW supported education of our children paying their taxes.

I do not remember to write the blank cheque to Mr McGuilty to cover medical expenses of people living in far country who were fleeing from the war their country started by an unprovoked attack; these people happened to be Canadian citizens but they were not paying taxes and they were evacuated for free by Government of Canada (and the majority thanked Canadian government by bitching about the conditions which were less luxurious than they expected). To have medical coverage under OHIP people should meet 3 months residence requirement. This is the case for all Canadians coming from abroad or even other provinces, like my son came from Graduate studies in Stanford. But for Lebanese this requirement was waived. This courtesy was not extended to Canadian citizens who were in the country which was the victim of aggression.

And Mr Zimmer is talking about "blank cheque"! What a schmuck!

Posted by Victor at 06:55 PM