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July 29, 2007

Web Evils

These are WebEvils:

Yahoo, Microsoft

Yahoo sends spam,
Yahoo sends scam,
Yahoo is used by filthy scum!

Microsoft crapware user,
Don't sent me you stupid spam,
Every spammer is a loser,
Every spammer is a scum!

Posted by Victor at 01:37 PM

July 27, 2007

Rogers Cable TV

I find it very unfair that in order to get Fox News I need to subscribe for "News Pack" which includes BBC World, CNN, DW and EuroNews.

Meanwhile those who want to watch BullshitBC and CrappyNN are not forced to subscribe to Fox News.

Is it a corporate welfare for loony left BBC and CNN? Or subsidy for those who prefer these channels? Fox IMHO is way superior. I never watch BBC World, CNN, DW and EuroNews. Especially biased unfair non-professional BullshitBC.

And this in addition to our own CBC. Every time I fly Air Canada I am forced to watch Mansfield who looks as clever and wise as only a complete moron can. Fortunately now with new entertainment system installed on AC planes with new interior design I can avoid this cruel and unusual punishment. For many years I have subsidized this person through both my taxes and TV subscription, and I subsidized his too.

Why the hell German language channel is bundled with News? And why not Russian or Hebrew or Polish language channel got such treatment?

Posted by Victor at 02:56 PM

July 11, 2007

We also oppose ... III

I forgot to mention that the proposed statement fails short of naming the authors of the calls to boycott Israel while picks up Israel for preventing Palestinean students.

During WWII these folks would probably propose the statement

 We oppose to attempts to eliminate the Jews. We also oppose to actions of Jews pursuing the World dominance

Posted by Victor at 10:44 AM

We also oppose ... II

In response I sent a letter

Dear Ms. Salo,

Please find my response to the President recent message and forward it to Human Rights Committee:

I was really dismayed to read the proposal statement. While rejecting the obviously wrong calls to boycott Israeli academic institutions from the bunch of third-rate scientists, hypocrites and anti-Semites, it gives the credibility to the old canard they used by them to justify such calls. What is more: this statement hides the fact this time the proposed boycott targets not only Universities but also individuals:

"Conference invites members to consider their own responsibility for ensuring equity and non-discrimination in contacts with Israeli educational institutions or individuals, and to consider the appropriateness of a boycott of those that do not publicly dissociate themselves from such policies." ( http://www.ucu.org.uk/circ/rtf/ucu22.rtf)

Should I remind that our Academy was silent at terrorist attack on Mt. Scopus Campus of the Hebrew University, which killed 7 people and wounded 80, most of them international students and researcher?

Or when Hezballah was indiscriminately shelling Haifa, home of Technion and Haifa University, where many of our colleagues work?

Or when Hamas converted Palestinean Universities into their strongholds and terrorists shelters?

Or when our own member, Dr. Elmasry confirmed that everyone in Israel and anyone and everyone in Israel, irrespective of gender, over the age of 18 is a valid target (this is from original transcript)? Should I remind that it includes all of our colleagues and almost all students?

Should I also remind that arrested Palestinians in Israeli prisons can get their degrees at Israeli Universities by a correspondence (http://movies2.nytimes.com/2007/06/27/arts/television/27genz.html) while Israelis captured by Hamas and Hezballah are kept incommunicado?

Or that people with University (even Medical) degrees could be deeply involved in the terror, as recent events in UK clearly demonstrate.

As a member of Royal Society I definitely the proposed resolution deplorable. I do not think that our Academy should follow other Academies if they support obviously wrong resolution. On the contrary our Academy should demonstrate the true leadership in the same manner as our Prime Minister demonstrated during last meeting of Francofonia and as Canadian representatives did recently at few international forums, when the sole voice of Canada repelled unjust resolutions, seemingly supported by everyone else.

*) From transcript: (http://www.montrealmuslimnews.net/transcript.htm)

ELMASRY: The same, if they are women in the army...
COREN: Anyone over the age of 18 in Israel is a valid target.
ELMASRY: Anybody above 18 is a part of the Israeli army...
COREN: So everyone in Israel and anyone and everyone in Israel, irrespective of gender, over the age of 18 is a valid target?
ELMASRY: Yes, I would say.

Victor Ivrii, Professor, FRSC (Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences)
Department of Mathematics, University of Toronto,
40 St.George Str., Toronto, Ontario M5S 2E4, Canada
office: ES 4141

(416)978-4031 (of), (416)978-4107 (fax)

WWW home page:

Posted by Victor at 10:36 AM

We also oppose ...

As a Fellow of Royal Society of Canada I received the message

(French part skipped)

On behalf of RSC President Dr. Patricia Demers, please find below a statement by the International Human Rights Network of Academies and Scholarly Societies, kindly supplied by Dr. Eva Kushner. We will seek the endorsement of RSC at the next Council meeting.


June 14, 2007

We, the members of the Executive Committee of the International Human Rights Network of Academies and Scholarly Societies (Network), oppose renewed initiatives that support an academic boycott of Israeli academic institutions. We also oppose Israeli restrictions on Palestinian students that prevent them from studying at institutions of higher education in Israel, the West Bank, and abroad. We call on national academies affiliated with our Network to do the same.

We reiterate our belief in the free exchange of ideas and opinions among scientists and scholars in all countries which thereby stimulates the development of collaborative educational, research and human-rights endeavors within academies and the institutions with which they are affiliated. Boycotts deny our colleagues their rights to freedom of opinion and expression; interfere with their ability to exercise their bona fide academic freedoms; inhibit the free circulation of scientists and scientific ideas; impose unjust punishment, and impede the instrumental role played by scientists and scholars in the promotion of peace and human rights. (For full text of June 13, 2002, statement, see ttp://www7.nationalacademies.org/humanrights/In_Support_of_Scientific_Exchange.html)

Posted by Victor at 10:21 AM

July 07, 2007


A motion inside of British University and College Union to impose boycott of Israeli Academic institutions is widely known and condemned by everyone who is not anti-Semitic bigot or hypocrite. What is less known, however, that these time such calls go further than this, targeting not only Universities but individual academicians as well:

Conference invites members to consider their own responsibility for ensuring equity and non-discrimination in contacts with Israeli educational institutions or individuals, and to consider the appropriateness of a boycott of those that do not publicly dissociate themselves from such policies

I am not going to discuss the wrongs of the boycott (since many people more eloquent than me did it), I want just to understand what these calls actually mean.

Boycott by Individuals Does this individual boycott includes refusal to read academic journals published in Israel? Or refusal to read any article published by the individual who is Israeli and did not dissociate himself/herself from "such policies" if if published in Israel? Or everywhere else?

Now assume that the British academician (Say Prof. Bull) joins such boycott and publishes an article containing also results very similar to those published by an Israeli much earlier but without any mention of this. It definitely gives a black eye to the Prof. Bull who is not up to date in his field and also gives a black eye to the journal which does not provide a decent peer review. On the other hand, what is going to do Prof. Bull if he submits a paper, and then a reviewer (say Provessor I.) notes that some results are not new and were published earlier by an Israeli but article does not mention this and therefore should not be accepted in its present form? If Prof. Bull explains that he has not read a paper because he boycotts... the reviewer would be completely justified to write that Prof. Bull is ignorant (does not know his field), arrogant (refuses to know) and that the reviewer does not want to waste his/her time anymore reviewing papers of Prof. Bull. Not because Prof. Bull joined boycott, but because of this makes reviewing his papers more time consuming task.

Position of Journal It is extremely unlikely that the Editorial Board agrees with Prof. Bull because this would severely tarnish the reputation of the journal, losing potential authors, reviewers and subscribers.

On the other hand, can journal refuse to accept for publication an article submitted by an Israeli on the basis of boycott? This would cause even greater outrage, and the loss of the authors, reviewers, members of editorial board and subscriptions will be very significant. Further, some subscribers could cancel subscriptions and request money back since the journal lost its quality because it does not follow a mandate of an international journal. Probably journal will go to drain almost instantly.

Conclusion So, basically joining the boycott is equivalent if not to Academic Seppuku then to Academic Self-Maiming and is acceptable only for those who has nothing to lose: fourth-rate researchers. But ... it is exactly who are the authors of the calls to boycott: fourth-rate researchers with no academic credibility.

Posted by Victor at 05:47 PM

July 04, 2007

Doctor's plot (hypocritic oath)

Few medical professionals were arrested in UK in the plot to commit terrorists acts (bombings). In contrast to notorious Doctors' plot in USSR this one is real. Surprising however is the fact that these guys did not use biological agents or poison, or mistreatment of patients but selected area of their incompetence.

On the other hand, there are two many examples of physicians involved in terror: Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi from Hamas, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri from Al-Qaeda, Dr. Bashar al-Assad from Syria are/were terrorists and trained physicians. Dr. Ahmad Tibi was confident of ober-terrorist Arafat. Now this gang. All of them definitely do not live up to Hippocratic Oath, may by hypocritic one. Should all of them get Dr. Mengele Prize?

Posted by Victor at 01:39 AM