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April 17, 2006

Proud to be Canadian

Finally, I am proud to be Canadian. After years of unprincipled foreighn policy, our country has a decent Foreign Affairs minister, part of the decent government. Canada no more gives money to terrorists, no more votes in UN etc in their favors. Terrorist organizations are banned in Canada. Canadian ground troops are fighting terrorists.

Clearly, islamofashists and loony lefties like Mr. L. Axe-worthy (disastrous liberal Foreign Affairs and Human Resources minister) cry that "Canada stopped to be a honest broker". Some people have really funny ideas what does it mean to be a honest broker (or just simply honest).

Some even scream that they are no more proud to be Canadians. Guess what? I am proud not to be with this scum.

Posted by Victor at 06:25 AM

April 09, 2006

People with two left hands

There are too many of them in this University. For the assistants of the higher administration it looks like a job requirement. Why else they type documents in M$ Word, print them, sign them, scan to PDF (non-OCRd) and put this monstrosities on-line? Can they just print them to PDF? Or if the believe that signatures are that important can they at least OCR them, reducing the size 4 times as a bonus? May be it is really difficult to place the documents in the ADF or on the platen glass properly?

Why my esteemed colleagues need to swich in our data projector Auto Keystone correction off? I doubt they know what keystone correction is but their playfull left hands do it automatically. Why cannot they plug video cable into "Computer 1 In" slot but first plug it to "Computer 2 In" and then try to find how to change the source?

Who needs to print heavily graphics Web document on monochrome laser printer? The output does not look nice (and usually is not taken) while wastes the toner enough to print a large article?

Posted by Victor at 03:49 PM

April 02, 2006

Strength does not make you right

but neither does a weakness. Histerical screams from the usual suspects that Canada sided with the strong Israel against weak Palestineans have no merit. Canada sided with right against wrong, with law and democracy against crimes and terror. This stance was long overdue.

SWAT team is usually stronger than the hostage takers, Police is stronger than the criminals. But no sane person would pick up the latter agains the former. As A.Solzhenitsyn wrote "The wolfhound is right; the cannibal is wrong".

And if one wants to side with weak against strong, why not to select someone who is weak and right? With black people of Sudan (Christians, animists of the South and Moslems of Darfur) against murderous Arab thugs? With Assyrians of Iraq, Copts of Egypt and other Christians of Mideast against their prosecutors? With Bahais or Jews of Iran? Why not to support people of Tibet against Chinese occupiers? With Kanaks of French Polynesia?

Or any smaller (and better) newspapers against stupid Begemoth called "Toronto S%&#"?

Posted by Victor at 07:50 AM

April 01, 2006

Seminar Announcements

I suggest: in order to increase Colloquium/Seminar funds and improve readability of the seminar titles/abstacts impose a fee for use of TeX/LaTeX in them:

1) ^, _ , { , } = $1 for each instance
2) Any control sequence, defined in LaTeX, amssymb or amsmath = $2 for each instance
3) $ = $3 for each instance
4) Any control sequence, undefined in LaTeX, amssymb or amsmath = $10 for each instance
5) Any other LaTeX error = $5 for each instance

Fees for use of other mark-up languages will be determined later

Posted by Victor at 08:28 AM