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August 04, 2006

Sea horses

2 Ass. Professors (where Ass. stays for Assistant but alternative interpretation is also completely appropriate), teaching something about Mid-Eastern history/politics at University of Toronto Mississauga and Scarborough campuses, wrote the article in Toronto Stürmer (aka T-star), full of blantantly false and outrageously insulting claims concerning current Israel-Lebanon conflict. They claim that "Hezbollah and terrorism are manifestations of deeper political injustices" thus blaming the victims for crimes of perpetrators.

I wonder, what these two dirty boldface liars and Hezballah cheerleaders teaching in their classes and getting paid for this?

One can claim that I should avoid insulting my colleagues.

Excuse me, but these scumbags are not my colleagues. My colleagues in Technion and Haifa Universities are under fire of terrorist missiles launched by Hezballah from the territory of Lebanon wit full cooperation of "pro-Western and moderate" government of Lebanon. My junior colleagues in Israel are fulfilling their reserve duties and fighting with Hezballah. My colleagues are the real scientists.

These two guys are ``political scientists''. Political scientists are like sea horses: political for sure, but definitely not scientists. There seem to be no positive knowledge here. At least it is not recognized this way.

One can say that different sciences have different methodologies. It is true, methods of mathematics differ from those of physics, leave alone chemistry, biology, psychology or linguistics. However different the methods of different sciences are, they have one common denminator: honesty and integrity. Which is definitely not the case for political sciences. Otherwise these two Zün-like revisionists of the modern history would not be hired.

And do not tell me that University of Toronto hiring them gave them some kind of legitimacy. Those who hired them acted like a rabbi proclaiming the pork to be kosher: the rabbi would cease to be kosher.

Posted by Victor at August 4, 2006 09:27 PM