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August 19, 2006

Universities and Maclean's ranking

11 Canadian Universities (University of Toronto including) refused to submit data to Maclean to be ranked. Iniversities are in their rights and Maclean' ranking is senseless. Really, the decent students are going to Universities to get a certain profession or to prepare for graduate studies in the certain profession. The "greate experience" is an asset but it is mainly delivered by departments. The outrageously small number of students voting for different student bodies clearly show where their interests are.

Because of this for mathematical student the quality of Department of English is mostly irrelevant.

However, at most of the Universities the general Admission and Awards offices act exactly as Maclean: they decide if the students fits to enter specific streams on the base of few school marks without consideration if the marks are in the relevant topics (mandatory inclusion of English at University of Toronto, Arts and Science, is an example of this) or if the school teachers are qualified to deliver them.

Posted by Victor at August 19, 2006 08:57 AM